Begin uploading .mp3's of your current works to your Hickory Music Library. We listen to every track that is added to your library to make sure it's usable for our clients. Once tracks have been approved, you will be required to send the stems for each approved track.


When we receive a request from a client (TV/Film Production company or branding agency) we search our expansive catalog using keyword tags (90BPM, hip-hop, rock, etc.) to deliver the right music to meet the client's needs. Producers are notified upfront regarding any Exclusive or Synch placements (commercials, work-for-hire, record label submission) so they have the opportunity to create new music for the project, or opt-in or out of submitting exsisting songs.


No Middleman here... Easily keep track of your royalties from a trusted source.... Your PRO

Once your song has been placed it will be added to your Performing Rights Organization account (either ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) and sometimes it will appear under an alternate title. Some production companies like to make their own titles to make mixing easier.

If your music has been added to a show Cue List you will also see this in your account. The day the show airs is when your PRO will begin accounting for your royalties, and it will also track for any re-runs. You will be paid directly from your PRO for these royalties according to their respective payment schedules.